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Now Available – tasty indian sweets

Now you can buy indian sweets in Everett from Tasty Curry Restaurant and Pizza. We make our own sweets using finest ingredients and traditional recipes. Our sweets bring you the authentic taste of Indian sweets and savoury snacks.

We have large variety of sweets -Gulab Jamun, Kala Jamun, Rasgulla, Pink Rasbari (Angoori Rasgulla), White Rasbari (Angoori Rasgulla), Yellow Rasbari (Angoori Rasgulla), Cham Cham Pink, Cham Cham White , Cham Cham Yellow , Dhoda Barfi , Gajar Pak Barfi , Khoya Barfi Roasted , Khoya Barfi White , Gulab Jamun Long, Pateesa , Namkeen Mathee, Red Motichoor Ladoo, Besan Ladoo.

Made to perfection, with a fine balance of taste and flavours delicately crafted for you to enjoy moments of timeless pleasure. The ultimate experience in Indian Sweets that begins when you open the box and smell the aroma of fresh confectionary to finishing with the amazing texture and flavour that melts in your mouth.